Cooperation between Higher Education and Business World: Sustainable, Innovative and Creative Perspective



Development of Creativity in Teacher Education
Author: Inga Bertašienė
Keywords: creativity, research of creativity, educating creativity, teacher education.

Promoting Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Higher Education

Authors: Marius Brazdauskas, Lina Žirnelė

Keywords: sustainable entrepreneurship, sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), higher education.

Issue: 2018/1(11)

Analysis of Methods of Information and Technological Construction of the Satellite System of Data Collection and Data Processing

Authors: Sergey Kozelkov, Kamila Storchak, Andriy Bondarchuk, Yuriy Melnyk

Keywords: remote monitoring systems, information system, satellite system, remote sensing of the earth, data processing, archives.

Issue: 2018/1(11)

Is Creativity Easier when it is Structured?

Authors: Nida Mačerauskienė, Aušra Turčinskaitė-Balčiūnienė

Keywords: structured and unstructured creativity, idea generation, creative platform, stimuli.

Issue: 2018/1(11)

An Insight into Building Sustainable and Innovative Culture for Organisations

Authors: Preeti Nair, Sherry Mathew

Keywords: culture, organisations, innovation, sustainable.

Issue: 2018/1(11)

Problematic Aspects Encountered upon Implementation of Sustainable Development

Author: Danguolė Oželienė

Keywords: sustainable development, advanced technology, technological dimension, digital transformation, model of sustainable enterprise.

Issue: 2018/1(11)

Young Consumers’ Attitude and Behaviour Towards Innovative Food Products

Authors: Aleksandra Pečiūrienė, Nida Mačerauskienė

Keywords: innovation, consumer innovativeness, innovative food products.

Issue: 2018/1(11)

Remote Bank Services – Innovative Development Prospects

Author: Oksana Sarakhman

Keywords: bank, distance service, development, system, services, prospects.

Issue: 2018/1(11)

System Managing Innovation Technologies of Enterprises

Authors: Ruslana Shurpenkova, Irina Demko

Keywords: system, management, innovation technologies, enterprise, strategy.

Issue: 2018/1(11)

Local Community’s Behaviour Towards Building Creative Capital

Author: Katarzyna Szara

Keywords: creative capital, local community, behaviour, creativity

Issue: 2018/1(11)

Discourse through Photovoice: Interaction between Medical Students and Community of People with Epilepsy

Authors: Jurgita Tuitaitė, Polina Šedienė

Keywords: photovoice, discourse, epilepsy.

Issue: 2018/1(11)

Customer Role in Value Co-Creation – a Pathway Towards Sustainability

Author: Ewa Wójcik

Keywords: value co-creation, consumer empowerment, sharing economy, financial inclusion, CRS, sustainable society.

Issue: 2018/1(11)

Will Bitcoin Become New Money of an Innovative Digital and Entrepreneurial Society?

Author: Tomasz Zieliński

Keywords: bitcoin, money, bank, electronic money, monetary policy.

Issue: 2018/1(11))

Effectiveness of Virtual Reality for Balance and Coordination Training of Elderly Patients

Authors: Kristina Žukienė, Živilė Barasaitė, Asta Markauskienė

Keywords: virtual reality, elderly patients, physiotherapy, balance, coordination.

Issue: 2018/1(11)