Problematic Aspects Encountered upon Implementation of Sustainable Development


 Due to complexity of the concept of sustainable development, both traditional and contemporary approaches still do not provide an answer how to implement this concept in practice. Enterprises aiming for sustainable development must combine economic interests with environmental and social needs, while keeping economic profit as a priority. On the other hand enterprises should promptly react to changes in order to remain competitive in the present globalization process. Advanced technology of management processes is also essential for successful development of every company. The aim of the article is to reveal whether advanced technology has an impact on the implementation of the provisions of the concept of sustainable development on a micro level. The article presents an overview of contemporary approaches and problematic aspects to sustainable development, analyzes the emerging challenges for enterprises, discuss the need to integrate the technological dimension into the concept of sustainable development. The research was carried out using analysis of scientific literature, and synthesis of various approaches, critical evaluation and generalization.

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