Analysis of Methods of Information and Technological Construction of the Satellite System of Data Collection and Data Processing


The object of the research is the satellite remote monitoring system (SDM). The purpose of their research is to analyze trends in the development of SDM, to develop and implement new approaches and tools necessary for their creation and operation. The most important changes that have a significant impact on the technology of creating and using SDM are presented in order to assess the main directions of SDM development. In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the capabilities of satellite Earth observation systems, as well as the volume and frequency of information from them, in connection with which there was a need to create new approaches and methods for organizing work with the data of remote sensing of the Earth (RS) and the development of construction technologies SDM There was a need to ensure the most efficient work of SDM, as well as to improve the scheme of work with data and develop new methods and tools for their implementation. By way of empirical research, the authors proposed a generalized scheme for the construction of SDM, the main feature of which is that in the interests of SDM, only those blocks that provide work with the remote sensing data to solve specific tasks specific to a particular system are created and maintained. Thus, SDM itself can provide services for the provision of various information services. It can be expected that the direction of providing specialized information obtained on the basis of remote sensing data will be sufficiently rapid to develop in the coming years. This, in particular, will allow the SDM to expand the scope of use of finished information products obtained on the basis of its deep processing, along with the use of basic satellite information.

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